Wednesday 30 November 2016

Healthcare professionals are challenged each day with quite a lot of stressors as they look after patients. These job-related stresses can take a toll on the thoughts and physique of those professionals, which in flip might have an effect on the standard of affected person care and outcomes. Work-related stress might also influence job satisfaction, workforce stability, and security within the healthcare setting.

How to handle work pressure in nursing

Nurses, for one, have to feel stress and overwork as considered one of their prime issues throughout the occupation. Work schedules that embody lengthy shifts and inadequate staffing are two components recognized by nurses that improve stress ranges. Nurses and different professionals want to concentrate on the stresses related to intense scientific settings and difficult work schedules.
Healthcare professionals work in demanding conditions, maintain excessive expectations for themselves, and imagine they need to be capable of deal with something it doesn't matter what the problem. Thankfully, job-related stress is each “treatable” and preventable. Professionals can be taught to deal with stress and burnout by gaining an understanding of stress and stressors, recognizing the indicators and signs of job burnout, buying abilities to handle it is harmful results, and stopping its incidence sooner or later.


“Stress” is the term used to explain a wide range of physiological and psychological stimuli that trigger a physiological response. The thought of stress started with the pioneering work of Walter Cannon (1871–1945). He investigated the sympathetic nervous system because it reacted to the warmth and seen that the physique responds in a predictable sequence.
The stress response was first described in 1956 by Hans Selye. In his analysis, he separated the bodily results of stress from different bodily signs, observing that patients suffered bodily results not prompted instantly by their illness or by their medical situation. Selye discovered that stressors could also be bodily (resembling an infection, damage, and ache) or psychological (similar to concern, anger, and disappointment).He recognized what he referred to as a basic adaptation syndrome, whereby the physique seeks to take care of homeostasis, or stability. He divided his basic adaptation syndrome into three phases:

➠Alarm response, the place the physique detects the exterior stimulus
➠Adaptation, the place the physique engages defensive countermeasures towards the stressor
➠Exhaustion, the place the physique begins to expire of defenses
Stress can have a significant effect on the bodily functioning of the human physique. It raises the extent of adrenaline and corticosterone, which in flip will increase the guts price, respiration, and blood stress and places extra bodily stress on bodily organs. Within the quick time period, this permits an individual to carry out at ranges past their regular limits. However, as soon as exhaustion is reached, even the strongest motivation loses its impact.


Lazarus (1966) expanded our understanding of stress and the methods individuals took care of it when he noticed that, when people view a brand new or evolving scenario, they first resolve whether or not it's a menace. He was known as this main appraisal. Then, as individuals additional monitor a menace, they consider their capability to deal with it by what Lazarus knew as secondary appraisal. On this second step of appraisal, people decide themselves unable to deal with the state of affairs and withdraw.
Professionals working in intense scientific areas the place the stakes are excessive are extra vulnerable to imagine they “ought to” be capable of deal with something and try to take action, regardless of how nice the fee to their physique. These people are at excessive threat of reaching the top stage of stress: exhaustion.
As a substitute of persisting till they attain the state of exhaustion, healthcare professionals can be taught simpler coping methods, turn out to be self-aware, acknowledge their very own limitations, and purchase emotion-regulation and problem-solving expertise.
Leaders can present bodily and emotional help for employee’s members as a solution to present help and acknowledge the worth of their position and perceive the nerve-racking nature of their work. Work-life steadiness packages can present a deal with wellness assets with methods to stop and handle the stress of working in intense healthcare surroundings.

Stress and burnout considerably have an effect on particular person health care professionals, the organizations for which they work, and the individuals to whom they offer care. These circumstances are particularly frequent in healthcare professionals due to the demanding nature of the work, the private traits of caregivers, and the expectations of the managers of healthcare organizations.
Job-related stress and burnout immediately have an effect on each the healthcare skilled, the standard of affected person care, and healthcare establishments. By understanding and addressing their causes, job-related stress will be decreased. Each particular person and institutional methods will also be employed to forestall burnout, thereby making a healthier atmosphere for each healthcare professionals and patients.
Question Of The Day: The Nursing Process
Q. During the health history interview, which of the following strategies is the most effective for the nurse to use to help clients take an active role in their health care?

A. Ask clients to complete a questionnaire.
B. Provide clients with written instructions.
C. Ask clients for their description of events and for their views concerning past medical care.
D. Ask clients if they have any questions.

Correct Answer: C

Explanation: One of the best strategies to help clients feel in control is to ask them their view of situations, and to respond to what they say. This technique acknowledges that clients' opinions have value and relevance to the interview. It also promotes an active role for clients in the process. Use of a questionnaire or written instructions is a means of obtaining information but promotes a passive client role. Asking whether clients have questions encourages participation, but alone it does not acknowledge their views.

Tuesday 29 November 2016

Q. Which of the following client statements indicates that the client with hepatitis B understands discharge teaching?

A. "I will not drink alcohol for at least 1 year."
B. "I must avoid sexual intercourse."
C. "I should be able to resume normal activity in a week or two.
D. "Because hepatitis B is a chronic disease, I know I will always be jaundiced."

Correct Answer: A

Explanation: It is important that the client understand that alcohol should be avoided for at least 1 year after an episode of hepatitis. Sexual intercourse does not need to be avoided, but the client should be instructed to use condoms until the hepatitis B surface antigen measurement is negative. The client will need to restrict activity until liver function test results are normal; this will not occur within 1 to 2 weeks. Jaundice will subside as the client recovers; it is not a permanent condition.

Monday 28 November 2016

Question Of The Day: Antepartum Period
Q. A client in the triage area who is at 19 weeks' gestation states that she has not felt her baby move in the past week and no fetal heart tones are found. While evaluating this client, the nurse identifies her as being at the highest risk for developing which problem?

A. Abruptio placentae.
B. Placenta previa.
C. Disseminated intravascular coagulation.
D. Threatened abortion.

Correct Answer: C

Explanation: A fetus that has died and is retained in utero places the mother at risk for disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) because the clotting factors within the maternal system are consumed when the nonviable fetus is retained. The longer the fetus is retained in utero, the greater the risk of DIC. This client has no risk factors, history, or signs and symptoms that put her at risk for either abruptio placentae or placenta previa, such as sharp pain and "woody," firm consistency of the abdomen (abruption) or painless bright red vaginal bleeding (previa). There is no evidence that she is threatening to abort as she has no complaints of cramping or vaginal bleeding.

Saturday 26 November 2016

Question Of The Day: Neurosensory Disorders
Q. Which of the following statements would provide the best guide for activity during the rehabilitation period for a client who has been treated for retinal detachment?

A. Activity is resumed gradually, and the client can resume her usual activities in 5 to 6 weeks.
B. Activity level is determined by the client's tolerance; she can be as active as she wishes.
C. Activity level will be restricted for several months, so she should plan on being sedentary.
D. Activity level can return to normal and may include regular aerobic exercises.

Correct Answer:  A

Explanation: The scarring of the retinal tear needs time to heal completely. Therefore, resumption of activity should be gradual; the client may resume her usual activities in 5 to 6 weeks. Successful healing should allow the client to return to her previous level of functioning.

Friday 25 November 2016

Working in the health area, nurses understand they are at risk for a lot of issues in the event that they work late at night time or into the early morning. However for many who have been doing the evening shift for some time, they've some nice recommendation to bestow upon others on how one can maintain comfortable and wholesome regardless of the challenges in opposition to them.

“It’s about having the best angle,” stated Felicia Rasmussen of Lincoln, Neb. She lately spent two years on the evening shift as a RN on the Tabitha Nursing and Rehabilitation Middle. “If you're enthusiastic about what you do, the hours are irrelevant. It's about being the very best nurse you'll be able to and giving one of the best care to your sufferers.”

tips for night shift duty as a nurse

However it is usually about being the perfect you might be to your self and your loved ones, she says.

Listed below are some survival ideas for being a nurse on the night time shift.

Food for Thought

It could be really easy to simply decide one thing as much as eat on the hospital every evening. However, Michelle Diederich, registered nurse on the Iowa Methodist Hospital in Des Moines, brings her personal lunch to work most nights.

“By doing this, I'm able to make more healthy decisions. I additionally attempt to restrict myself from going to the cafeteria at work to not more than twice a month. By doing this, I eat much less fried greasy meals in the midst of the night time,” she says.

Rasmussen labored the 10 p.m.- 6:30 a.m. shift. Each evening, she would eat dinner together with her household, after which eat a light-weight breakfast corresponding to toast when she acquired house within the morning earlier than heading to mattress.

“I attempted to not snack loads by my shift as a result of generally you will be extra sedentary throughout the night time shift,” she explains.

Savvy Sleeping

Investing in blackout drapes for her bed room was the most effective factor Rasmussen ever did whereas working the evening shift.

“It actually aided me in my capacity to sleep in the course of the day hours. Plus, I might go to mattress straight away once I bought house so I'd be up by the afternoon for when my children obtained residence from college,” she says.

If she needed to make appointments for her youngsters or herself, she would make them as early within the morning after she received off of her shift. This fashion, for the remainder of her day, she had time to compensate for her sleep.

Diederich wears earplugs to assist her block out daytime noises such because the canine barking and garden mowing.

“When I've to modify my sleep sample to sleep at night time after working all week, I guarantee that I stand up early within the afternoon in order that I can go to mattress at an inexpensive bedtime. I usually take melatonin to assist me sleep at night time,” she says.

By going to mattress the identical time each morning and getting up on the similar time each night, she avoids being drowsy throughout her shift. Typically, life will get in the way in which and that standard sleep sample will get interrupted.

“Broken sleep is tough to make up. It virtually tires you extra to attempt to make up for the sleep you misplaced,” Rasmussen says.

Family Affair

Diederich and her husband work completely different hours most days.“Often, we solely have a few hours a day collectively. I needed to study the mindset that high quality of time is extra vital than an amount of time collectively,” she states.She additionally permits for “me” time.“I ensure that I take a time to do issues only for myself, whether or not it will be the fitness center, studying an e-book or watching my favorite present on tv.”

Rasmussen and her husband dedicated one evening every week for a date night time whereas she labored nights.“You actually should work at your relationships. You could maintain linked and plan issues on your days off with them,” she says.
If there's a household birthday developing or another celebration, her household has simply adjusted their schedules.

“My household simply made certain that they do the celebration after I get up from sleeping that day and earlier than I went to work,” Rasmussen says. “And naturally, there are occasions I've needed to work Christmas or another vacation. We simply discovered what time everybody was out there and schedule it then. It does take a supportive household to do the evening shift.”

Needs of Night time-Patients

Typically sufferers who aren’t usually confused with the day can change into confused at evening, Diederich says.“Their households have all gone house for the evening. The lights exit for the night time and they're in a weird setting. They could want a bit extra reassurance from the nursing workers,” she reveals.
Rasmussen bumped into the identical state of affairs along with her aged sufferers at Tabitha.“There are at all times plenty of duties to do at night time. However you at all times get a little bit extra time with the sufferers and often relationships are created. We had the chance to take a seat down and speak and reminisce with them,” she says. “Should you had a hospice affected person, you can sit and maintain their hand. I am beloved working in long-term care and geriatrics. It was a possibility for me to present again and be current with them.”

Keep Close to Co-Staff

Rasmussen misses the camaraderie she discovered together with her evening shift co-workers.“Once we had time to have talks with one another about private issues and household, then that’s once we obtained very shut. We additionally would discover humor the place we might. Evening shift employees are distinctive folks,” she says.

She's always going to remember one of many nurses’ aides who was just like the mom hen of the group. She would herald snacks on a regular basis, manage potlucks and do different good issues for everybody to maintain the group cohesively.

“We might snort at one another and joke around. We'd do lunges down the hallway to maintain in form, and I used to be recognized for dancing down the hallways simply to have enjoyable with the opposite worker's members,” she says.

Diederich says she enjoys her co-workers, too, and that makes going to work a lot simpler.

“Most significantly although, I get pleasure from my job,” she says.

Balancing Beam

Attempting to get that good work/life stability whereas being an evening shifter is usually a robust haul. However, Rasmussen says it’s all about planning forward. “Simply get in a cycle of sleeping the identical hours every day. It's essential to change your physique into pondering that this is similar as different folks do however at completely different hours,” she says.

Sticking to your schedule even on the times you don’t work may help your physique and thoughts feel regular. The night time shift may cause havoc together with your social life, sleeping patterns and relationships if you happen to don’t prioritize your wants together with sleep, good meals, train, household time and open thoughts.

Rasmussen and Diederich say that engaged on the in a single day shift can be a good time to construct sturdy connections with co-workers and sufferers and be taught much more about yourself as a nurse and your targets sooner or later.

Question Of The Day: Gastrointestinal Disorders
Q. A nurse preceptor is working with a student nurse who is administering medications. Which statement by the student indicates an understanding of the action of an antacid?

A. "The action occurs in the stomach by increasing the pH of the stomach contents and decreasing pepsin activity."
B. "The action occurs in the small intestine, where the drug coats the lining and prevents further ulceration."
C. "The action occurs in the esophagus by increasing peristalsis and improving movement of food into the stomach."
D. "The action occurs in the large intestine by increasing electrolyte absorption into the system that decreases pepsin absorption."

Correct Answer: A

Explanation: The action of an antacid occurs in the stomach. The anions of an antacid combine with the acidic hydrogen cations secreted by the stomach to form water, thereby increasing the pH of the stomach contents. Increasing the pH and decreasing the pepsin activity provide symptomatic relief from peptic ulcer disease. Antacids don't work in the large or small intestine or in the esophagus.

Thursday 24 November 2016

Question Of The Day: Antepartum Period
Q. A nurse is providing care for a pregnant client in her second trimester. Glucose tolerance test results show a blood glucose level of 160 mg/dl. The nurse should anticipate that the client will need to:

A. start using insulin.
B. start taking an oral antidiabetic drug.
C. monitor her urine for glucose.
D. be taught about diet.

Correct Answer: D

Explanation: The client will need to watch her overall diet intake to control her blood glucose level. The client's blood glucose level should be controlled initially by diet and exercise, rather than insulin. Oral antidiabetic drugs aren't used in pregnant clients. Urine glucose levels aren't an accurate indication of blood glucose levels.

Wednesday 23 November 2016

Question Of The Day: Mood, Adjustment, and Dementia Disorders
Q. The nurse meets with the client and his wife to discuss depression and the client's medication. Which of the following comments by the wife would indicate that the nurse's teaching about disease process and medications has been effective?

A. "His depression is almost cured."
B. "He's intelligent and won't need to depend on a pill much longer."
C. "It's important for him to take his medication so that the depression will not return or get worse."
D. "It's important to watch for physical dependency on Zoloft."

Correct Answer: C

Explanation: Improved balance of neurotransmitters is achieved with medication. Clients with endogenous depression must take antidepressants to prevent a return or worsening of depressive symptoms. Depression is a chronic disease characterized by periods of remission; however, it is not cured. Depression is not dependent on the client's intelligence to will the illness away. Zoloft is not physically addictive. 

Monday 21 November 2016

Question Of The Day: Respiratory Disorders
Q. A nurse assesses a client's respiratory status. Which observation indicates that the client is having difficulty breathing?

A. Diaphragmatic breathing
B. Use of accessory muscles
C. Pursed-lip breathing
D. Controlled breathing

Correct Answer: B

Explanation: The use of accessory muscles for respiration indicates the client is having difficulty breathing. Diaphragmatic and pursed-lip breathing are two controlled breathing techniques that help the client conserve energy.

Nurses will always be a vital part of the healthcare system, and hospitals are unable to perform without them. Even in occasions of financial uncertainty, nurses are all the time capable of finding positions wherein to work. Each day, nurses do so much of work. Whether or not they’re serving to patients, comforting households, educating college students, or working with hospital directors, their days are sometimes packed. Regardless of the place, you're employed or what sort of nursing work you do, all of it contributes to making a distinction.

reasons to join nursing profession

Listed below are six causes to like your nursing job regardless.

1. Job Safety

By the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of registered nurses within the U.S. will improve 19 p.C between 2012 and 2022. The BLS expects jobs for licensed sensible and licensed vocational nurses to develop 25 p.C at that point, whereas predicting even bigger employment will increase for nurse practitioners (34 %). The American Affiliation of Faculties of Nursing believes the nation will expertise a scarcity of nursing professionals to fill these positions as the necessity for healthcare grows and getting older nurses retire from the workforce.

2. Salary

Whether or not working as an RN or an NP, nurses earn aggressive earnings. In keeping with knowledge collected as a part of the Healthcare Careers 2015 Wage Survey, nurses make almost 20 % extra—on common—than the typical wage earned by U.S. professionals throughout occupations. The typical annual wage for RNs was calculated as $67,117. Nurses with a BSN earn a mean of $69,077 yearly, whereas LPNs earn $42,925 per 12 months. And professionals in nurse administration raked in a mean of $85,188 in 2015!

3. Steady Studying Alternatives

Whenever you’re a nurse, new experiences are frequent. In reality, no two days are ever identical. Working in such a setting means you’re all the time studying and creating your expertise. Moreover, your employer could subsidize persevering with training coursework to additional improve profession improvement. Using a mix of on-the-job expertise and persevering with schooling, nurses who begin with a two-year associates diploma might ultimately work their means as much as turn into a cost nurse, nursing supervisor or director of nursing. Some even elect to return to high school to develop into NPs or PAs.

4. Number of Observe Settings and Schedules

Hospital, doctor’s workplace, pressing care clinic, retirement group, nursing residence, cruise ship… as a nurse, you've got the chance to work in quite a lot of apply settings. And because of eight-hour shifts, 12-hour shifts, PRN shifts, day and evening operational hours and journey nurse alternatives, you’re additionally prone to discover a schedule that matches your life whether or not you’re elevating younger youngsters, caring for an aged guardian, approaching retirement age or wish to see the nation.

5. Saving Lives

Nurses at each degree are an integral a part of the healthcare staff, whether or not they’re working in the ER, labor, and supply, radiology, surgical procedure, main care, dermatology or some other self-discipline. Although physicians and surgeons make lots of the greatest selections, even probably minor nursing duties—similar to checking vitals—are important for optimum affected person outcomes. Nurses usually detect medical points the physician is as but unaware of early on. And as a further set of eyes, they will catch errors in remedy orders that even the most effective medical doctors could often make.

6. Scrubs
As a freelance writer, I can wear my pajamas to work anytime I select. Most professionals don’t have that luxurious—aside from nurses. Scrubs are as comfy as sleepwear and acceptable in just about all healthcare settings. Plus, lately, you’re prone to discover them in your favorite color as effectively!

Monday 14 November 2016

Q. A nurse is caring for a client who has a tracheostomy and temperature of 103° F (39.4° C). Which intervention will most likely lower the client's arterial blood oxygen saturation?

A. Endotracheal suctioning
B. Encouragement of coughing
C. Use of a cooling blanket
D. Incentive spirometry

Correct Answer: A

Explanation: Endotracheal suctioning removes secretions as well as gases from the airway and lowers the arterial oxygen saturation (SaO2) level. Coughing and using an incentive spirometer improve oxygenation and should raise or maintain oxygen saturation. Because of superficial vasoconstriction, using a cooling blanket can lower peripheral oxygen saturation readings, but SaO2 levels wouldn't be affected.

Saturday 12 November 2016

Q. A client who has been diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) complains of heartburn. To decrease the heartburn, the nurse should instruct the client to eliminate which of the following items from the diet?

A. Lean beef.
B. Air-popped popcorn.
C. Hot chocolate.
D. Raw vegetables.

Correct Answer: C

Explanation: With GERD, eating substances that decrease lower esophageal sphincter pressure causes heartburn. A decrease in the lower esophageal sphincter pressure allows gastric contents to reflux into the lower end of the esophagus. Foods that can cause a decrease in esophageal sphincter pressure include fatty foods, chocolate, caffeinated beverages, peppermint, and alcohol. A diet high in protein and low in fat is recommended for clients with GERD. Lean beef, popcorn, and raw vegetables would be acceptable.

Friday 11 November 2016

Q. A woman who has recently immigrated from Africa who delivered a term neonate a short time ago requests that a "special bracelet" be placed on the baby's wrist. The nurse should:

A. Tell the mother that the bracelet is not recommended for cleanliness reasons.
B. Apply the bracelet on the neonate's wrist as the mother requests.
C. Place the bracelet on the neonate, limiting its use to when the neonate is with the mother.
D. Recommend that the mother wait until she is discharged to apply the bracelet..

Correct Answer: B

Explanation:  The nurse should abide by the mother's request and place the bracelet on the neonate. In some cultures, amulets and other special objects are viewed as good luck symbols. By allowing the bracelet, the nurse demonstrates culturally sensitive care, promoting trust. The neonate can wear the bracelet while with the mother or in the nursery. The bracelet can be used while the neonate is being bathed, or if necessary and acceptable to the client removed and replaced afterward.
Some issues in health care by no means appear to alter. Health care prices proceed to rise, and a nurse’s ft proceed to ache on the finish of a 12-hour shift. However, there are additionally a variety of important shifts taking place in health care that may affect nursing.

trends in nursing

Listed here are the highest five tendencies affecting nursing:

Influence of continual illness on health care care
Demand for degreed nurses
Extra job alternatives for nurse educators
Employment alternatives for nurses past hospitals
Nurses adopting wearable know-how
Not surprisingly, most of those traits are interrelated. The rise in continual care sufferers requires an extra educated nursing workforce, which in flip requires extra nurse educators to show these nursing college students. And as hospitals change their affected person care mannequin to adapt to growing older inhabitants, there will likely be extra alternatives for nurses in outpatient and different care services outdoors of hospitals.
Impact of chronic illness on health care care

The U.S. inhabitants are aging, and because of this, there's an important improve within the variety of power illnesses, comparable to diabetes, hypertension, and kidney illness. In response to a examine by the Robert Wooden Johnson Basis, virtually half of all People (145 million individuals) stay with a power situation, and many individuals with power situations have some power circumstances.

This flood of older adults with continual illnesses will pressure hospitals because the health care system shifts its focus from treating acute sicknesses to managing persistent ailments, in response to an American Medical Affiliation report. Nurses will play extra of a job in educating sufferers and caregivers on methods to handle and stop power situations.

Demand for degreed nurses

A report by the Institute of Medication in 2011 referred to as for 80 % of nurses to have at a minimal a bachelor’s diploma by the 12 months 2020. This can be a vital enhance, provided that solely 50 % of all nurses at the moment had a baccalaureate diploma or greater. However, enrollment in nursing packages is rising, at a charge of 90,000 college students (in comparison with 30,000 college students a decade in the past), by a examine carried out in 2012 by the American Affiliation of Faculties of Nursing (AACN).

There has additionally been appreciable development within the numbers of registered nurses with a grasp’s diploma in nursing. From 2007 to 2011, there was a 67 p.C enhance, based on the U.S. Division of Health care and Human Providers. A contributing issue to the surge is the elevated reputation of on-line nursing applications. Registered nurses working full time usually tend to be enrolled in a distance studying format due to the scheduling flexibility.

More job opportunities for nurse educators

Within the subsequent decade, there might be a higher demand for nurse educators throughout the nation. There is a selection of causes for this want. An elevated enrollment in nursing teaching programs indicators the necessity for extra nursing college.

As well as, most of the present nurse educators are nearing the age of retirement. The common age of nursing professors was 61, and the typical age for affiliate professors was 57, based on an AACN examine carried out in 2013. Many of those retiring Child Boomers will present extra job openings for nursing instructors.

Employment alternatives for nurses past hospitals

Hospital hiring has been flat since 2009. However there are a lot of different health care settings in want of certified nurses. Technological developments in noninvasive surgical procedures and the development towards extra outpatient therapies mean extra nurses can be wanted in ambulatory surgical procedure facilities.

Extra nurses could also be required in expert nursing amenities. Pending laws within the U.S. Home of Representatives seeks so as to add extra nurses to nursing properties throughout the nation. If handed, the regulation would require a registered nurse to be current around the clock in all the practically 16,000 nursing houses that obtain Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement.

Dwelling health care companies are additional areas for development. With the development towards a growing older inhabitants and inspiring senior residents to stay off their houses, extra nurses shall be wanted to supply postsurgical care, dispense medicines or coordinate care with different health care suppliers.

Nurses adopting wearable technology

Hospitals across the nation are piloting using Google Glass, together with docs at Boston’s Beth Israel Hospital. The docs scan a QR code on the door outdoors the affected person’s room and have rapid entry to the affected person’s whole health care historical past. Different makes use of for Google Glass embody recording surgical procedures to stream stay and having consultations with distant specialists.

Nurses at numerous hospitals are already utilizing tablets that join with sufferers’ digital medical information, and when Google Glass turns into extra available, it is going to be a pure transition for nurses to make use of this hands-free gadget to entry affected person information.

Wearable expertise may assist detect when nurses themselves are in want of care. A bracelet that screens important indicators might alert a supervisor when a nurse is fatigued and in want of reduction from his or her shift earlier than an error happens.

Thursday 10 November 2016

Q. An anxious young adult is brought to the interviewing room of a crisis shelter, sobbing and saying that she thinks she is pregnant but does not know what to do. Which of the following nursing interventions is most appropriate at this time?

A. Ask the client about the type of things that she had thought of doing.
B. Give the client some ideas about what to expect to happen next.
C. Recommend a pregnancy test after acknowledging the client's distress.
D. Question the client about her feelings and possible parental reactions.

Correct Answer: C

Explanation: Before any interventions can occur, knowing whether the client is pregnant is crucial in formulating a plan of care. Asking the client about what things she had thought about doing, giving the client some ideas about what to expect next, and questioning the client about her feelings and possible parental reactions would be appropriate after it is determined that the client is pregnant.

Wednesday 9 November 2016

Question Of The Day: Mood, Adjustment, and Dementia Disorders
Q. A client who took an overdose of Tylenol in a suicide attempt is transferred overnight to the psychiatric inpatient unit from the intensive care unit. The night shift nurse called the primary health care provider on call to obtain initial prescriptions. The primary health care provider prescribes the typical routine medications for clients on this unit: Milk of Magnesia, Maalox and Tylenol as needed. Prior to implementing the prescriptions, the nurse should?

A. Ask the primary health care provider about holding all the client's PM prescriptions.
B. Question the primary health care provider about the Tylenol prescription.
C. Request a prescription for a medication to relieve agitation.
D. Suggest the primary health care provider write a prescription for intravenous fluids.

Correct Answer: B

Explanation: The nurse should question the Tylenol order because the client overdosed on Tylenol, and that analgesic would be contraindicated as putting further stress on the liver. There is no need to hold the PM Milk of Magnesia or Maalox. There is no indication that the client is agitated or needs medication for agitation. There is little likelihood that the client needs an IV after being transferred out of an intensive care unit, as the client will be able to take oral fluids.

Tuesday 8 November 2016

Question Of The Day: School-age Child
Q. A 10-year-old child diagnosed with acute glomerulonephritis is admitted to the pediatric unit. The nurse should ensure that which action is a part of the child's care?

A. Taking vital signs every 4 hours and obtaining daily weight
B. Obtaining a blood sample for electrolyte analysis every morning
C. Checking every urine specimen for protein and specific gravity
E. Ensuring that the child has accurate intake and output and eats a high-protein diet

Correct Answer: A

Explanation:  Because major complications — such as hypertensive encephalopathy, acute renal failure, and cardiac decompensation — can occur, monitoring vital signs (including blood pressure) is an important measure for a child with acute glomerulonephritis. Obtaining daily weight and monitoring intake and output also provide evidence of the child's fluid balance status. Sodium and water restrictions may be ordered depending on the severity of the edema and the extent of impaired renal function. Typically, protein intake remains normal for the child's age and is only increased if the child is losing large amounts of protein in the urine. Checking urine specimens for protein and specific gravity and daily monitoring of serum electrolyte levels may be done, but their frequency is determined by the child's status. These actions are less important nursing measures in this situation.

Monday 7 November 2016

A flight nurse is a skilled registered nurse who performs on board medical care to sufferers coping with trauma or sickness. These nurses are liable for offering speedy medical help to their sufferers from the second they arrive on the scene of the incident till the affected person reaches the hospital through plane transport.

Duties of a flight nurse

These nurses could also be discovered working out of quite a lot of totally different plane equivalent to the jet plane, propeller plane, and/or helicopters. Flight nurses are sometimes known as upon throughout rescue missions or on aero-medical evacuations and are normally accompanied by an emergency and vital care help transport crew, which can embrace flight paramedics, flight physicians and/or respiratory practitioners.

Simply as an ambulance crew operates as a staff to rescue people affected by intense bodily, psychological or psychological stresses by means of the usage of an ambulatory automobile flight nurses work alongside a medical workforce of aeromedical professionals which were educated to react properly on vital flight missions with a view to being certain that every affected person receives acceptable medical care whereas onboard a plane.

Some the duties flight nurses are required to undertake to embody facilitating correct medical care to every affected person in want of quick medical help, assessing the sufferer's illnesses, administering medicines, dealing with primary remedies, provides and gear and offering sufferers with a cushy atmosphere till they attain the hospital. Flight nurses can also act as a liaison between the medical staff and the flight crew and can talk with the hospital medical doctors and employees concerning the patient's state of affairs and psychological/bodily illnesses after they arrive at the hospital.

Ought to an affected person be in want of quick care that requires surgical procedure or superior remedy whereas in flight the on board flight doctor could be in control of performing such operations, nevertheless ought to the flight doctor be absent then the flight nurse might put together for and probably carry out the surgical procedure/superior therapy him or herself.

Changing into a flight nurse requires plenty of expertise in dealing with sufferers that suffer from traumatic experiences and occasions and requires fast pondering, robust nerves, glorious group expertise, a very good coronary heart, constructive thoughts and the power to make decisive choices at a moment’s discover.

Because of the degree of education and training that's needed to carry out proficiently in this kind of work setting all flight nurses are typically required to have labored a minimum of 5 years of labor in an intensive care setting, and should take numerous persevering with schooling programs and certifications with a purpose to qualify for a possible place as a flight nurse.

Relying on the hospital or group a flight nurse works for the variety of working hours a flight nurse might have expertise in comparison with downtime can differ considerably. The variety of hours flight nurses is an obligation for may additionally range nevertheless it isn’t unusual for flight nurses to function on 24-hour shifts.

Elements such as city population, crime price, pure disasters, environmental geography and quite a lot of different, unpredictable components are sometimes answerable for figuring out how usually a flight nurse could also be referred to as in for a mission. There are numerous advantages to turning into a flight nurse and the constant challenges and altering environments flight nurses face ensures that the work is at all times thrilling and rewarding.

Question Of The Day: The Nursing Process

Q. A client has the following arterial blood gas values: pH, 7.30; PaO2, 89 mm Hg; PaCO2, 50 mm Hg; and HCO3–, 26 mEq/L. Based on these values, the nurse should suspect which condition?

A. Respiratory acidosis
B. Respiratory alkalosis
C. Metabolic acidosis
D. Metabolic alkalosis

Correct Answer: A

Explanation: This client has a below-normal (acidic) blood pH value and an above-normal partial pressure of arterial carbon dioxide (PaCO2) value, indicating respiratory acidosis. In respiratory alkalosis, the pH value is above normal and the PaCO2 value is below normal. In metabolic acidosis, the pH and bicarbonate (HCO3–) values are below normal. In metabolic alkalosis, the pH and HCO3– values are above normal.

Saturday 5 November 2016

Question Of The Day: Respiratory Disorders

Q. A client is prescribed metaproterenol (Alupent) via a metered-dose inhaler, two puffs every 4 hours. The nurse instructs the client to report adverse effects. Which of the following are potential adverse effects of metaproterenol?

A. Irregular heartbeat.
B. Constipation.
C. Pedal edema.
D. Decreased pulse rate.

Correct Answer: A

Explanation: Irregular heartbeats should be reported promptly to the care provider. Metaproterenol (Alupent) may cause irregular heartbeat, tachycardia, or anginal pain because of its adrenergic effect on beta-adrenergic receptors in the heart. It is not recommended for use in clients with known cardiac disorders. Metaproterenol does not cause constipation, pedal edema, or bradycardia.

Friday 4 November 2016

Q. A client has just been diagnosed with early glaucoma. During a teaching session, the nurse should:

A. provide instructions on eye patching.
B. assess the client's visual acuity.
C. demonstrate eyedrop instillation.
D. teach about intraocular lens cleaning.

Correct Answer: C

Explanation: Eyedrop instillation is a critical component of self-care for a client with glaucoma. After demonstrating eyedrop instillation to the client and family, the nurse should verify their ability to perform this measure properly. An eye patch isn't necessary unless the client has undergone surgery. Visual acuity assessment isn't necessary before discharge. Intraocular lenses aren't implanted in clients with glaucoma.

Stress is part of life, especially for Nursing. Occupational stress is common among nurses. Two factors that may influence stress levels are diet and physical activity. The purpose of this study was to investigate the diets and physical activity levels of nurses and to quantify the relationships between these behaviors and anxiety, depressed mood, stress, and burnout. 

reduce stress in nursing

Listed below are 11 practical tips to grasp wellbeing and handle your stress. Hold this checklist helpful and work on making course corrections as you navigate via your life!

➥ Get a grip in your time.Plan. Stress units up the notion that there's NO TIME and but, planning truly saves time.
➥ Determine the place your stressors are coming from. Should you feel like you are attempting to outrun your stress and might pace up anymore to catch up, then decelerate and take a second and replicate?
➥ As soon as you determine the place the stress is coming from, either busy nursing shifts, household points or nursing faculty, you may arrange a plan to sort out it.
➥ Preserve your toolbox useful. You want a wide range of stress methods. Coronary heart centered respiratory may match typically, and others you could have faucet as an alternative. Utilizing one thing on a daily basis truly builds your stress capability and makes you extra resilient.
➥ Determine what you management and work on that. Your partner, associates, co-workers, boss, the economic system, politics are some stuff you can't get management. You'll be able to management your time, the way you react, what you accomplish, what you eat and the way you're feeling. Give attention to this, and you'll feel a lot better.
➥ Do the fundamentals.  Eat wholesome, sleep, drink water, pray, train, have enjoyable. While you compromise these fundamentals, you permit yourself susceptible to emphasize.
➥ Improve which means and objective in your life. What are you keen about? What do you're keen on doing? What's significant to you? Do this stuff. It can cut back your stress!
➥ Handle your priorities. One of many greatest stressors shouldn't be feeling like you might have sufficient time. All of us solely have 24 hours in a day. It isn't time that you have to handle – it's what's vital. Stress forces you to give attention to pressing fairly than what's vital and your priorities then change into mismanaged. Step again and have a look at the large image and hold your eye on what's most vital to you.
➥ Align your “to-do’s” along with your core values. Do your actions help your final objectives? Whether or not it's your youngsters' after faculty actions or conferences along with your nursing staff at work – are these actions in step with your targets? Do your youngsters need to attend these actions or do they please you? Are you volunteering due to an ardor for the cause or a compulsive should be busy?
➥ Learn to say NO so you possibly can say YES to your life. When you’re a people-pleaser, saying no might feel uncomfortable. As quickly as you may say "no," you enable your self the chance to say "sure" to your life. What you do for others can not outline you. Step out of your consolation zone and take a stand. No merely means you might be selecting your actions based mostly in your worth system. Blissful folks defend their time and permit themselves this privateness.
➥ Learn the distinction between worrying, caring and overcaring. Within the throes of a stress response, fear is usually the result. Fear helps to scale back nervousness and provides you the misunderstanding of doing one thing. Fear is a rocking chair – chances are you'll be in movement however you aren't going anyplace or making any progress. The stress response additionally tends to magnify how you feel so one thing small can turn out to be a pile of issues.Fear isn't motion. Caring is when you may have empathy and compassion for somebody who could also be going via a tough time. It's a loving act and could be expressed in doing, praying, being with somebody.
Overcaring is caring with fear. Whenever you tackle the struggling of somebody and fear about that particular person, you're now not empathetic as a substitute you are trying to dwell their tough within the hopes you possibly can reduce their burden. In actuality, you could be growing that burden as you aren't extra clearly upset and could also be a supply of fear for the very particular person you might be “caring” about.



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