Monday 31 July 2017

During the summer, most people prepare for BBQ’s, parties, and beach days. If you are a nursing student or a new graduate nurse, however, you are most likely preparing for the following semester or to take your NCLEX exam. Here are some tips to help prepare you for the NCLEX or a test of any kind during the summer season:

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1. Begin test prep by reading ahead    

If you are preparing for the following semester, see if you can snag a course outline from someone has just taken the course or if you can get it from the professor or from the campus bookstore. If you are able to get your hands on the assigned reading, it may be helpful to start skimming through the reading over the summer when you have more time. We are all familiar with the heavy reading load professors place on us during the semester, so if you have the time during the summer to get a head of the game, go for it!

2. Set a summer schedule  

Set up a summer study schedule that you know you will be able to stick with. During the summer, you may get caught up on fun summer activities and events and may be working long hours. Try to devote an hour or two a day to studying and preparing for the NCLEX or the upcoming semester.

3. Do practice NCLEX questions

Do as many practice NCLEX questions as you can. The best way to prepare for any nursing test is to reinforce your knowledge and critical thinking skills through the use of practice questions. The questions that provide rationales and explanations are great as they can help you understand why you are getting questions wrong.

4. Assess yourself   

Take practice tests throughout the summer to help give yourself an idea of where you stand with the content. While studying the general concepts is good, practicing is the best way to see what specific areas you need to focus on.

5. Study with a friend   

Studying with a fellow nursing friend is a great way for both of you to challenge and assess yourself on content. For example, if you know that you struggle with med math (which will follow you all throughout nursing school and your career) try and review med math problems with someone that excels in math.  

If you follow the above listed steps and create your own study groove, you are sure to be on the path for success. Remember, everyone studies differently, so some of the suggestions listed may work for you and others may not. Test prep during the summer doesn’t have to be overwhelming—by sticking to a schedule, studying in small increments, and reinforcing what you know, you will be successful on your exam.


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