Wednesday 9 January 2019

Q. A 16-year-old academically gifted boy is about to graduate from high school early, because he has completed all courses needed to earn a diploma. Within the last 3 months, he has experienced panic attacks that have forced him to leave classes early and occasionally miss a day of school. He is concerned that these attacks may hinder his ability to pursue a college degree. What would be the best response by the school nurse who has been helping him deal with his panic attacks?

A. "It is natural to be worried about going into a new environment. I am sure with your abilities you will do well once you get settled."
B. "You are putting too much pressure on yourself. You just need to relax more and things will be alright."
C. "It might be best for you to postpone going to college. You need to get these panic attacks controlled first."
D. "It sounds like you have a real concern about transitioning to college. I can refer you to a health care provider for assessment and treatment."

Correct Answer: D

Explanation: The client's concerns are real and serious enough to warrant assessment by a physician rather than being dismissed as trivial. Though he is very intelligent, his intelligence cannot overcome his anxiety. In fact, his anxiety is likely to interfere with his ability to perform in college if no assessment and treatment are received. Just postponing college is likely to increase rather than lower the client's anxiety, because it does not address the panic he is experiencing.


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