Tuesday 28 May 2019

Question Of The Day, Oncologic Disorders
Q. A young man with early-stage testicular cancer is scheduled for a unilateral orchiectomy. The client confides to the nurse that he is concerned about what effects the surgery will have on his sexual performance. Which of the following responses by the nurse provides accurate information about sexual performance after an orchiectomy?

A. "Most impotence resolves in a couple of months."
B. "You could have early ejaculation with this type of surgery."
C. "We will refer you to a sex therapist because you will probably notice erectile dysfunction."
D. "Because your surgery does not involve other organs or tissues, you'll likely not notice much change in your sexual performance."

Correct Answer:  D

Explanation: Although there may not be a big change in sexual function with a unilateral orchiectomy, the loss of a gonad and testosterone may result in decreased libido and sterility. Sperm banking may be an option worth exploring if the number and motility of the sperm are adequate. Remember, the population most affected by testicular cancer is generally young men ages 15 to 34, and in this crucial stage of life, sexual anxieties may be a large concern.


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