Tuesday 30 July 2019

Question Of The Day, The Neonate
Q. A primigravid client gives birth to a full-term girl. When teaching the client and her partner how to change their neonate's diaper, the nurse should instruct them to:

A. fold a cloth diaper so that a double thickness covers the front.
B. clean and dry the neonate's perineal area from front to back.
C. place a disposable diaper over a cloth diaper to provide extra protection.
D. position the neonate so that urine will fall to the back of the diaper.

Correct Answer: B

Explanation: When changing a female neonate's diaper, the caregiver should clean the perineal area from front to back to prevent infection and then dry the area thoroughly to minimize skin breakdown. For a male, the caregiver should clean and dry under and around the scrotum. Because of anatomic factors, a female's diaper should have the double thickness toward the back. The diaper, not the neonate, should be positioned properly. Placing a disposable diaper over a cloth diaper isn't necessary. The direction of urine flow can't be ensured.


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