Friday 7 February 2020

Question Of The Day, Respiratory Disorders
Q. A client with pneumonia has a temperature of 102.6° F (39.2° C), is diaphoretic, and has a productive cough. The nurse should include which of the following measures in the plan of care?

A. Position changes every 4 hours.
B. Nasotracheal suctioning to clear secretions.
C. Frequent linen changes.
D. Frequent offering of a bedpan.

Correct Answer: C

Reason: Frequent linen changes are appropriate for this client because of the diaphoresis. Diaphoresis produces general discomfort. The client should be kept dry to promote comfort. Position changes need to be done every 2 hours. Nasotracheal suctioning is not indicated with the client's productive cough. Frequent offering of a bedpan is not indicated by the data provided in this scenario.


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