Wednesday 4 March 2020

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If you’re considering what subject to major in, it is also important to consider what NOT to major in. Forbes recently released its list of the 10 worst college majors to pursue; from philosophy to anthropology to religious studies, the majors that made the list had to yield the lowest pay with the most challenging job market. Guess what major wasn’t listed --- nursing! 

Going to school to obtain a degree is an investment, and when we put that much money and time into something, we want something to come of it. The return on investment for a nursing degree is likely second to none. What other job has the security and stability to outlast any economic turn or bubble burst as much as nursing has? What other career has employers knocking at your door months before you even graduate? Read on to find out why nursing has proven to be a solid career choice and one with a high ROI.

1. There are many ways to get a nursing degree

Whether it is through a trade school, an associate’s degree, or a bachelor’s degree at a 4-year university, there are multiple ways to become a nurse. If you already have a degree, there are many fast-track programs that can get you graduating with your nursing degree in less than a year. Whatever your situation is, there is a way to become a nurse that is unique to you, and that is also efficient and effective. 

2. There are always a plethora of jobs!

Struggling to find a job after graduation is not a common challenge for nurses. From hospitals to clinics to schools, nurses are notorious for being in high demand. The healthcare needs of our population are only growing and this is reflected in the number of jobs available for nurses. According to research on nursing supply and demand by Georgetown University, there will be a job surplus of 200,000 positions that will go unfilled. This shortage continues to make nursing more and more valuable. 

3. There is so much variety

From bedside nursing to outpatient clinics to case management to legal nursing, this profession is one of the most versatile careers you could embark on. Besides the expected places to find nurses, there are also unique positions that a nursing license can get you -- yacht nurse, Disney nurse, and even cannabis nurse, just to name a few. With a nursing degree, you should never underestimate where you can put your skills to work. You also have the potential to begin your own business. The skillset that is cultivated in a job like nursing, along with exposure to endless possibilities, creates inspiration for many future entrepreneurs.

4. Let's talk money, honey...

Salaries for nurses vary by state, however, the reported median annual wage for nurses is around $71,000. This does not reflect the potential for an increase in income with PRN and per diem positions, or travel nurse pay packages, which can be quite lucrative. You can also increase your earning power by advancing your practice -- nurse practitioners and certified nurse anesthetists reported median annual salaries around $107,000 and $175,000, respectively. Where there is a nursing degree, there is the ability to build a nice nest egg. 

5. It feels good to do something purposeful

No, nursing isn't always easy, and sometimes there are moments that are less than fabulous. But what makes this profession unique is the difference you make in people's lives. It's tangible, powerful, and important. And witnessing that impact first hand is rewarding in ways that only this sort of profession can be. Caring for a vulnerable population takes a certain heart, and can be an endless source of meaning and purpose.



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