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First impressions matter. Dressing for success is about looking confident and professional, while also creating a "look" that allows you to feel like your best self. Although you may wear scrubs or a lab coat for the majority of your workdays, professional attire is best for a job interview. Your outfit should portray the competent, educated and confident person you are. Below are tips to help you create your personal "look" while also maintaining a professional image.

Creating Your Personal “Look”

The main goal is to be yourself and convey a genuine personal brand.
Pick colors that accentuate and add color to your skin tone.
Wear low-maintenance garments that don't fade, ball-up or attract stains.
Plan ahead and be sure all items are dry cleaned and/or pressed.
Pick your accessories wisely; one or two accessories can bring your entire outfit to life!
Make sure everything you plan to wear fits properly and comfortably when you're sitting and standing.

General Tips for Men

Fit is key. Get your garments tailored if necessary.
Plan to have your hair cut and facial hair groomed a few days before the interview.
Avoid excessively bright and flashy colors and stick to darks and solids.
When selecting a tie, be sure it is understated and matches your outfit.
Be sure all items are wrinkle-free when you head out the door.

General Tips for Women

Conservative styling is always appropriate; watch out for short skirts and low necklines.
Do not wear too much distracting jewelry near your face; YOU should be the focus.
A neutral handbag or briefcase is professional and also helps keep you organized.
Style your hair away from your face if it is long to avoid distraction during your conversation.
Makeup should be minimal and conservative in tone.

Shopping and Styling Smart

Before you buy any big ticket items, check your closet; something as minor as changing a skirt hem or jacket length can magically transform an old suit into an elegant "new" suit.
Save money by shopping the off-season sales and buying shirts, slacks, skirts and jackets that you can mix and match.
Sign up for the email lists from your favorite stores, as many stores have special sales and promotions for their mailing list customers.
Buy clothing that can be used in multiple settings; classic and well-made items can be used for business professional and business casual settings, and will serve you well for years to come!

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