Undergraduate - BSN
Our unique position as one of the top-ranked Nursing Schools in the country offers students an exceptional educational opportunity. As an Ivy League institution, we prepare our students to become leaders of tomorrow integrating a strong liberal arts curriculum with a specialization in nursing.

Nursing and Health Care Management
  Undergraduate - BS, BSN
This coordinated dual-degree program combines a BS in Nursing with a BS in Economics from the Wharton School. Students gain experience in patient care as well as in business and managerial areas.

Nursing and Health Care Administration
  Graduate - MSN
Wharton's Nursing and Health Care Administration Programs focuses on operations management, health care finance, consulting, or project management. This program is comprehensive in scope, emphasizing administration in diverse health care settings and culminating in a practicum working with a nurse executive in your field of interest.

The Ph.D. program can be constructed from either the baccalaureate or the master’s degree. Applicants with a master’s degree in nursing can satisfy the requirements for the Ph.D. degree by attaining an overall average of 3.0 in 13-course units beyond the master's, successfully completing qualifying and preliminary examinations, and proposal and dissertation defense.


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