Tuesday 18 April 2017

Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare industry. Doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals all depend on a qualified nursing staff in order to adequately serve the public.

Currently, too many communities in the United States are suffering from critical shortages of certified professional nursing personnel. This places a large strain on the American healthcare industry. Efforts to expand the pool of qualified nurses across the country are being made by both federal and state governments, as well as colleges, universities and professional associations.

scholarship for nursing courses

The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) offers continuing professional developmental scholarships to students. This scholarship is intended for those who want to go beyond their academic education and continue to learn. Students will have the ability to travel and experience other avenues of nursing, picking up valuable life lessons along the way. Those that apply to this scholarship may also receive a travel fund to help assist in paying for travel-related activities.

American Assembly for Men in Nursing also offers a worthy scholarship for those men that attend nursing school. The student must be a member of the organization, and they must be enrolled in a licensed nursing program. Also, they must have completed at least one year of school before this type of scholarship will be awarded. They offer quite a few different scholarships, but each is worth a close, in-depth look to seek where you save money on your education.The ongoing initiative is meant to address the nation’s nursing shortage on a number of different fronts, including:

● providing grants to support existing nursing programs that are understaffed and underfunded
● providing government funds to schools for the updating of teaching facilities
● providing grant money for programs to hire and retain a highly trained nursing faculty
● providing grants, scholarships, and loans for eligible nursing students

In addition to existing federal programs, many state governments have developed their own grants and scholarships designed to encourage and support both undergraduate and graduate level nursing students. The availability of financial aid for nursing students does not end with federal and state governments, however, and extends into the private sector with a multitude of grants and scholarships being supported by colleges, universities and professional organizations.

Students interested in pursuing a career in nursing will want to refer to section on Grants for Nursing Students.Nursing students are encouraged to investigate the possibility of obtaining a grant for college before considering any alternative or private loans. Grants can help to defray a sizable portion of your education costs, and the funds never have to be repaid.

Undergraduate Nursing Scholarships using grants and scholarships:

Universities, technical schools, and community colleges typically offer undergraduate nursing programs that include courses for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA). These 2 to 4-year courses are designed to train a front-line nursing workforce that is prepared to fill the immediate needs of the healthcare industry. Many nursing students will want to continue their education beyond this level, to become Registered Nurses (RN), or to receive their Bachelors in the Science of Nursing.

Nursing scholarships are typically merit-based and are available from a variety of sources including:

● The Federal government
● State and local governments
● Colleges, universities, and technical/vocational schools
● Private and professional associations

There are also a large number of nursing scholarships that have been designed to benefit specific portions of the student population, such as minorities and returning students. Many available nursing scholarships, particularly those supported by federal and state governments, will be scholarship-for-service programs. These programs require scholarship recipients to commit to a predetermined time of service in an under-served community, or at a designated critical need facility.

These scholarships are going to help you achieve your goals and dreams within the medical profession. Explore all of them and you’ll be way on your way to a successful career. Nurses are always needed in one capacity or another, and it’s vital they are educated well.


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