Wednesday 2 August 2017

In case all the nursing textbooks you carry, scrubs, and bags under your eyes don’t give you away, here are some strong indicators you’re a nursing student:

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1. Sleep is a thing of the past

Sleep—what’s that? Nursing students are always studying, spending long hours in clinical, working, doing homework, and just trying to keep their a head above water throughout the program. Don’t worry, you can sleep when you pass your NCLEX!

2. Every test feels like a final exam

Whether you have your nursing tests weekly or bi-weekly, every test day feels like you are taking a final exam. Any test can make or break you in terms of grades, so nursing students can relate to each other when you spend a week studying for one 40 question test. This may seem awful now, but this is all in preparation for you to be successful on the NCLEX.

3. You diagnose anyone and everyone

You make it a point to apply what you’ve learned in class by diagnosing friends and family members. I think every nursing student at some point has done this—it’s fun and lets you show off what you’ve worked so hard to learn. It’s also a good way to practice taking vital signs, especially if you are just starting out in your nursing program.

4. You gain some weight

Oh the classic nursing student 15. There is no such thing as a nursing student who has never experienced stress during nursing school at some point. Everyone handles stress differently, but if you were like me and endured endless hours of studying, you developed strange sleeping and eating habits. Once you figure out a study schedule that works for you, you will be back to yourself in no time.

5. You don’t get excited for spring break

Spring break doesn’t exist for nursing students. OK it does, but a lot of students typically use this time to catch up on assignments, tackle the mounds of reading you have to do, prepare for the next test, and catch up on sleep.

6. You feel like a new person when you don’t wear scrubs

There is nothing like a hot shower and comfortable clothes after a long day in clinical. And if you are like me, makeup, hair, and nail polish are kept at a minimum while I am in nursing school. I love to get dolled up, but just don’t have the time (or energy!) during the school week. But those days where you don’t have to wear scrubs or keep your hair up, you feel like a million bucks.

7. Facebook becomes your only social life

If it wasn’t for Facebook, I would never remember friends’ birthdays or know what’s going on with their lives. Nursing school takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice, and there are times when you can’t make an event because you have to study. After awhile your friends and family will get used to hearing, “I can’t, I have a test.”  

8. You begin to talk differently

Constantly surrounded by medical terms and lingo, you find yourself incorporating nurse-ese into everyday conversation, even with non-nurses. Though “medical speak” sounds completely foreign and complex to others, as it did to you at first, now it flows naturally and effortlessly.

9. Coffee is your lifesource

Coffee has become your best friend. You don’t care whether your coffee comes from a gas station or high end barista. You don’t care whether it’s 7am or midnight. All you care about is having access to an endless and steady supply to help you stay alert throughout the day.

10. Dinner table talk has no limits

Your ability to censor what you learned and experienced will end when you are a nursing student. Seeing things you have only seen in your textbooks can be exciting and it’s only natural to want to share it with everyone.

11. You never stop going…and that’s fine with you!

As nursing students, there are many things that set us apart. One that thing is consistent among nursing students across the board is that we never stop helping or doing. It’s in our nature as nurses. Remember, all of these sacrifices now are building up to the big picture.

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