Sunday 20 August 2017

Let’s be honest, nursing school is no joke. It’s not only extremely challenging, but also extremely time-consuming. If you’re a nursing student, you know what I’m talking about.

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From an outsider’s perspective, it seems crazy. You are voluntarily giving up your social life for four years. While your friends are making their weekend plans, you’re making study plans. While their smiles come from last night’s party, your’s comes from passing last night’s test.

So why do we do it? Better yet, how do we stay so disciplined?

Confessions of a registered nurse

The answer is really quite simple - we love what we do. We know the rewards of obtaining a BSN far outway the sacrifices.

There’s no question it takes a special person to become a registered nurse. (Coffee may or may not factor into the equation as well.) I can tell you this without sounding arrogant, because every nursing student is one of those special people.

It takes far more than good memorization skills and intellect to obtain your BSN, which you’ll learn very quickly in your first clinical. A registered nurse must have special skills and unique relational abilities that can’t be taught in the classroom.

Why I chose to pursue a BSN

I first truly fell in love with nursing school during my clinical year. It was through hands-on learning and interaction with patients that I developed a true appreciation and understanding of nursing.

I can remember my senior year of college caring for a patient who was in the hospital for weeks with numerous symptoms. A team of doctors was on the case, and every test you could possibly fathom was being ordered in the hopes of coming to a diagnosis.

Through comforting this patient, as well as the family, during such a trying time in their lives, I understood the impact of what I was choosing to do with my life.

What makes a registered nurse a good nurse

As a registered nurse, you’re not only present to complete morning assessments, administer medicine, and documents in charts. Often times, you’re a pillar of support for patients. There are good days and bad days. Some days your work is truly appreciated and fulfilling, and other days you are a punching bag for patients who have no one else to express or project their anger onto.

Being able to take a step back and put the situation into perspective is a true and necessary skill. You must learn to be personable while not taking things too personally. It’s in those moments where people needed me most, that I realized this is why I love nursing and I’m here. I want to be able to provide that support for them in return.

Nursing school in a nutshell

So I suppose my message is, nursing and nursing school are hard - no doubt that about it. But my ability to step back and separate myself from difficult situations and be empathic is what has allowed me to love nursing school, from classroom to clinical, persist towards obtaining a BSN, and now to love my professional career as a registered nurse.


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