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At this time we hear and speak of the changes in our lives which have been made by urbanization and technology. A crisis will be seen as an integral part of every single day life situations. As a consequence of a crisis expertise, the person might go all the way down to a decrease or much less wholesome degree of functioning than what was earlier than the crisis, or he might resume the identical stage of functioning by repressing the crisis and the associated feelings. Intervention at a crisis is extraordinarily necessary to forestall psychological sickness, as a result of long-standing drawback make the individual completely incapable of dealing with the state of affairs.

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Phases of Crisis

The primary stage of crisis happens when the particular person is confronted by a stressor. Publicity to this stressor would end result to nervousness. The particular person then tries to deal with issues through the use of his or her customary coping expertise. Second stage of crisis happens when the particular person realizes that his regular coping potential is ineffective in coping with anxiousness. Because the individual turns into conscious of his unsuccessful effort in coping with the perceived stressor, he strikes on to the subsequent stage of crisis the place the person tries to cope with the crisis utilizing new strategies of coping.  The fourth stage of crisis takes place when the particular person’s coping makes an attempt of resolving the crisis fail. The person then experiences disequilibrium and important misery.

Types of crisis

Maturational crisis – additionally known as developmental crisis. These are predictable occasions in an individual’s life which incorporates getting married, having a child and leaving house for the primary time.

Situational crises – surprising or sudden occasions that imperils ones integrity. Included in this sort of crisis are: lack of a job, demise of a beloved one or relative and bodily and emotional sickness of a member of the family or a person.

Adventitious crisis – additionally known as social crisis. Included on this class are: pure crisis like floods, earthquakes or hurricanes, battle, terrorist assaults, riots and violent crimes akin to rape and homicide.

Crisis Intervention

Crisis intervention refers back to the strategies used to supply speedy, short-term assist to people who expertise an occasion that produces emotional, psychological, bodily, and behavioral misery or issues.

Information for an efficient crisis intervention:

Help the individual to view the occasion or situation in a different perspective.

Help the person to make use of the prevailing assist techniques. It is important to assist the individual to discover new sources of help that may assist in lowering the emotions of being alone or overwhelmed.

Help the person in studying new strategies of coping that may assist resolve the present crisis and provides her or him new coping expertise for use sooner or later when coping with one other overwhelming state of affairs.

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