Friday 14 October 2016

More research is indeed to explain the effect of “fatigue” and “sleepiness” on the performance of nurse. Sleepiness refers to a bent to go to sleep, whereas fatigue refers to an awesome sense of tiredness, lack of vitality, and a sense of exhaustion related to impaired bodily and/or cognitive functioning. Sleepiness and fatigue typically coexist as a consequence of sleep deprivation.

effect of continuous work on nurse health

Though fatigue could be resulting from a wide range of causes (e.g., sickness, a vigorous exercise, or an interval of extended focus), this chapter will give attention to the consequences of fatigue related to inadequate sleep (see Key Phrases and Definitions). The effect of prolonged work shifts and the connection of those work schedules to nurse and affected person security can even be explored.

Results of Inadequate Sleep

Though the precise quantity of sleep wanted by wholesome adults has not been decided, the results of inadequate sleep have been nicely documented. A evaluate of the related literature over the previous 15 years reveals that inadequate sleep (or partial sleep deprivation) has quite a lot of hostile results. Regardless of the big selection of analysis methodologies (e.g., qualitative research, surveys and scientific trials, devices) and settings (e.g., discipline research, and time-isolation laboratories, and pattern sizes), the outcomes are fairly related: inadequate sleep has been related to cognitive issues, temper alterations, decreased job efficiency, decreased motivation, elevated security dangers, and physiological modifications. Outcomes from laboratory research of complete sleep deprivation (a number of nights without sleep) weren't included on this evaluation, because the focus of this part is on inadequate sleep (partial sleep deprivation) and never on complete sleep deprivation.

Prolonged Work Hours

Though the hazards related to the extended hours labored by resident physicians and interns have been documented in quite a few research, restricted consideration has been paid to the hours labored by nurses or the results of those hours on affected person security. Early research tended to give attention to nurse satisfaction with the brand new 12-hour shift schedule, solely minimally addressing the elevated threat of errors. More modern research, nevertheless, have proven that the 12-hour shifts favored by many nurses and frequent time beyond regulation are related to difficulties staying awake on obligation, lowered sleep occasions, and almost triple the chance of creating an error.

Consecutive Shifts

Fatigue will be exacerbated with elevated numbers of shifts labored with out a time off, and dealing greater than 4 consecutive 12-hour shifts is related to extreme fatigue and longer restoration occasions. Folkard and Tucker additionally advised that the buildup of fatigue over successive work shifts would possibly clarify the rise in accident charges noticed of their meta-analysis. On common, threat of an accident was roughly 2 p.c increased on the second morning/day shift; 7 p.c larger on the third morning/day shift, and 17 p.c increased on the fourth morning/day shift than on the primary shift. Accident dangers additionally elevated over successive evening shifts (e.g., on common threat was 6 % increased on the second evening, 17 % larger on the third night time, and 36 p.c larger on the fourth evening) and have been considerably greater than on day/morning shifts, a discovering much like that reported by Haeckel and colleagues a number of years earlier.


The evidence is overwhelming that nurses who work longer than 12 consecutive hours or work once they haven't obtained adequate sleep are placing their sufferers’  health in danger; threat damaging their very own health; and in the event that they drive residence when they're drowsy, additionally put the health of most of the people in danger. Nurses, nurse managers, nursing directors, and policymakers have to work collectively to alter the tradition that not solely permits, however typically encourages nurses to work lengthy hours without acquiring ample sleep.


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